Otto Black [Dead]


During the night.. a simple caravan … were betrayed by their lookout. The men were massacred in their sleep…

Otto spent the next year tracking the lookout….
Otto eventually caught up to him and extracted only one piece of information from him before Otto’s anger caused him to misplace the blade and end the man’s life. Otto had a new target the “Black Swords”, they were the ones who attacked his family, they would be the ones to pay….

Otto spent every last coin he had gathering information about the Black Swords and the men/or more accurately half-orcs who attacked his group. With nothing left and only a hint that the culprits may be around Mecklen, Otto took a job transporting some goods to Gavin Goodbarrel in cromwell.

The Black Swords number around 500 at any given time, broken into 5 companies…

  • 5th Company out of Mecklen – Captain Belibni performs an over-watch detail.


A small group (10) with in the Black Swords known as the Silent Rain…
What Otto knows about the Silent Rain:

  • All Half-Orcs (Veterans 38 – 45 years old)
    1) Asudurk
    2) Brakodall
    3) Dedurk
    4) Durimar

Otto Black [Dead]

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