Gentlemen of Tomfoolery Adventure

Episode 1 - "The Seventh Son"

Gavin’s Jolly Men come to Sefa Aneria aid and offer their services to find her lost children.

The search begins around 21 bells at the Aneria’s farm. Kadrin Roreksson and Otto Black quickly pick up the children’s tracks near the family barn, and our party of heroes heads due west across open ground, across small creeks, and through small corpse of trees.

In an open meadow the children’s tracks take on a playful bent as if they were playing tag. Although the group spots the body of a mutilated cow, and the once peaceful meadow becomes eerily silent, except for low growls coming from the tree line to the north and east.

A quick encounter with 5 wolves ends with twitching claw, and silent tooth. Although their victory is complete, and with out a scratch, and words of congratulation are forgotten with the brief appearance of a great white wolf.

The children’s track are quickly found, but disturbingly separate, and one set disappears completely as though snatched by a large group of bare footed demi-humans headed west.

Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI rallies the band of jolly fellows, and presses them to the west to save the pilfered child. The trek comes to an abrupt halt as they come an inky tear in the side of a hill, and the tracks lead inside.

Kadrin Roreksson moves inside the cave with a calm and silence of the dead, only to find the tracks lead to the edge of a recently created sink hole. With little time to waist the group repels 60’ down the near side, and begins a sloping hour long trek down what appears to be an eternity of darkness.

A small breach in the cavern wall appears to be the perfect safe haven for a small child, so Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI shoots the 2 1/2 foot wide gap into much larger cavern choked with webs and several giant spiders. Kadrin Roreksson is quick to step in behind Gavin, and they go to work de-legging the Arachnids.

A brave Gavin is saved from certain death by Heidan the Flop and Otto Black, while a sure strike from Sivas Bloodstone staff brings the encounter to a close.

Spider eggs are destroyed and Kadrin Roreksson recovers OakBurn from an ancient victim of the 8 legged fiends. Otto Black is quick with the torch to put the whole cavern up in flames so that no future traveler will need worry about the cold bite, or sticky embrace of this spider nest.

After a quick rest, the group heads even further into the bowels of earth and come across a collapsed wall that creates an opening into a tomb.

Kadrin Roreksson moves in quickly looking for the child, only to find 4 neanderthal looking beast men trying to understand why the mystic properties of damaged portal, stone arch, are no longer functioning. Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI the swift makes short work of them as he dance in between his brothers with sword and dagger.

Sivas Bloodstone harness’s the dark powers of his patron to hold back an ape man counter attack from the opposite direction. The group throws back the blind half men, and secure the freedom of the lost boy.,

Discovering they are in the lost tomb of the Eventide Knights, Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI, Heidan the Flop, Kadrin Roreksson, and Otto Black Speak the words, say the oath and pick up the mantles of the Eventide Knights and all that it means.

Sivas Bloodstone is left wonder if he is the only fellowship member to have a pact with an entity on the other side.

The boy is returned to Sefa Aneria and the group runs into Father Myers and his White Cloaks at the Seventh Son. After a differing of who should go after the lost daughter of Sefa Aneria, our heroes rest and prepare for what is to come.


1st Level, when one his leads to “certain death”. Definitely appreciate the save!

Great summary Jim.

Gavin the Swift…I like it!

Episode 1 - "The Seventh Son"

One hit, not one his.

Episode 1 - "The Seventh Son"

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