Sivas Bloodstone


Only son of an noblewoman (human), who had re-married a self-exiled sun elf, Sadric Tanelorn. Her family holdings combined with his ancestral claim on Caer Tanelorn, an ancient and near crumbling castle, granted the family a minor lordship in a remote section of the Sword Coast.

Si’vas has an older half-sister who is full human, from his mother’s first marriage, and unknown relatives on his father’s side, if any. She also lived in Caer Tanelorn before leaving to join the priesthood in the capital city.

Si’vas is currently travelling under the more human-friendly name of Sivas Bloodstone, in an effort to distance himself from recent troubles with the Church of Tyr, who has branded his family as devil-worshiping heretics in what he says is a completely political maneuver designed to seize his family’s ancestral holdings.

Si’vas is not trusting, and expects betrayal and corruption behind every motivation. He does not believe in altruism, as he feels it is a false face used to hide true motivations of greed for gold or power. He is fiercely loyal to his immediate family, and tries to maintain the respect and honor of his noble family despite their current exiled status.

Sivas Bloodstone

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