Kadrin Roreksson


The child of Rorek and Othilla, Kadrin’s earliest years were spent in the remote village of Fallenrock, a small community of dwarves (and a few humans) that had built up around a place of significance to worshippers of the dwarven god Marthammor Duin. When he was just 10 years old, Fallenrock was attacked in the night by an unknown enemy—its buildings were burned and its residents massacred. Kadrin’s older sister Dradana was wounded in the attack, but she managed to pull him out of the village and into the nearby forest before disappearing to return to the fray. The young dwarf was found the next morning when a band of smugglers passing through the wilderness nearby approached to investigate the fires. They brought Kadrin into the village to help find survivors, but little remained other than charred ruins and the bodies of former residents—including his parents. Eager to move on from the scene, the smugglers dragged the distraught Kadrin along with them without letting him scout the area to find his sister’s body as well.

After a few days’ journey, they arrived at a monastery situated near a rocky coast. Kadrin was left in the care of the order residing there, where he was given care and a basic education in exchange for his assistance upkeep of the grounds. In time he learned that the monastery was also an important waypoint for the company of smugglers that had found him. The order that called the Monastery of the Crystal Caves its home had long enjoyed benefit of the partnership with the Band of the Glittering Hand, finding their protection to be useful. The Glittering Hand in turn took advantage of the network of salt caverns in the area and several hidden coves on the sea to manage their operations and store goods.

Over the course of the next 30 years, Kadrin devoted his time to contributing to the operation of the monastery, but it was hard to find peace even in a tranquil setting. Despite his desire to learn the ways of the monks who surrounded him, he was usually quick to temper, slow to trust others, and his dreams were regularly haunted with images of the night of the attack. He regularly sought solace in the wilderness surrounding the monastery, where he would disappear for days, sometimes weeks, as he learned the surrounding territory and looked for signs of tribes or other groups that may have been the ones to carry out the attack on Fallenrock.

Ultimately, the head of the order, Master Tradithas, deemed that training as monk was not to be the path for the orphaned dwarf. Given the choice of joining the Glittering Hand—which Kadrin had flatly refused on several occasions, not wanting to dishonor his family’s legacy or the life he thought his parents would want for him—or remaining at the Crystal Caves to live out his life as a resident caretaker, Kadrin chose to strike out on his own. While having a fundamental understanding of the monk’s ways, but none of the practice, he decided to fall back on what he knew—survival and exploration in the wilderness. He set out to find his purpose in the world and who or what was to blame for destroying his family.

Kadrin Roreksson

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