Kadrin Roreksson


The first impression that Kadrin Roreksson gives most people is that he doesn’t want be dealing with them and would much rather be somewhere else. This is typically confirmed by those that stick around long enough to make it into the barren wilderness that passes for Kadrin’s notion of “small talk.”

What the young dwarf is lacking in pleasantries is made up for in his reputation for being a person of honorable qualities, a skilled hunter known for his awareness of geography of Cromwell—especially the southern coastal bits—and an unexpected patience for those that demonstrate a need that he can aid. When he gives his word, he does whatever he can to keep it. Although all of this comes bundled with an uneasy energy that feels like a crossbow that’s been cocked for too long under too much tension.

Those that have known Kadrin the longest can offer small glimpses of the dwarf’s background, but none seem to know his whole story. A compilation of the details reveals very little and much of it seems a contradiction: he was raised at the Monastery of the Crystal Caverns, located on a remote piece of coast south of the Uluru mountains. He is a ranger with an unusual awareness of trades reserved for thieves. He seems to have great respect for the law, but also knows that it can breed injustice—especially when persons of nobility or wealth are involved. He expresses a preference to be away from civilization but also has a serious appreciation for brewed spirits. Finally, he always seems interested in word of unusual attacks or occult events that occur throughout the region, one of the few occasions when he actively seeks out conversation beyond the need to conduct business.

Kadrin Roreksson

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