Heidan Oathbreaker, Disgraced of the Eventide


High Elf, Cleric of Savras, Domain of Knowldge – Lawful Neutral


Trained as a youth to defend the high elf conclaves from Orcs and other enemies, Heidan joined the military and fought in many decisive battles.

Heidan left the life of a soldier to study fate and seek knowledge on how to change or affect this perceived empty future. Devoting his life to Savras, god of divination and fate, Heidan became a priest studying the domain of Knowledge. Using his past as a soldier and his newfound purpose, Heidan travels seeking obscure tomes and devices of divination that can shed light on his dark future or provide the aid he seeks to change it.

When the opportunity presents itself, Heidan will fight furiously hoping to gain some minuscule portion of glory. When he does show a success, Heidan will brag and revel in it.

Personality Trait: He can stare down a hell hound without flinching. This is less a result of bravery and more a result of a cynical resignation to fate.

Ideal: He does what he must and obeys just authorities. He sees authority as a physical manifestation of fate and order.

Bond: Heidan fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. Heidan sees women and children as guardians of fate’s promise of a future because of their unbound potential.

Heidan finds an ally in an ugly Gnome beggar named Frogface, who is so loathsome and repulsive that surely his is a future even less glorious than the one Heidan is resigned. Frogface served as a cook during Heidan’s life as a soldier and knows how to make a pretty decent stew.

He will bless and heal his party members, provide knowledge and divination when needed and use his skills as an ex-soldier to fight bravely. His cynicism makes him less affable than other priests to strangers and his race is known for looking down on members of other races, making him less charismatic than might be expected.

Heidan Oathbreaker, Disgraced of the Eventide

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