Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI


Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI is a merchant who operates out of Windbergen. He regularly hangs out at the Red Cloak Tavern and is often the life of the party. He is known for his skill in games of chance. The locals will tell you know to challenge him to any dice games, because they are fairly sure that his knucklebone dice are loaded. If you are going to play him, bring your own.

He is friends with the barkeep, Gypsy, and is quick with a comment to any well dressed traveler. He will frequently buy rounds of drinks for the bar and tell many a tale of his travels across Cromwell. There are many theories as to where Gavin came from and at one point or another, Gavin has confirmed each of these theories to be true.

The few people that truly get to know Gavin will find him to be the greatest of friends, loyal to a fault and willing to go out on a limb for them. He will also accompany friends on missions throughout the city, utilizing his abilities to sneak about unnoticed and a curious affinity for opening locks. The halfling is generous as well. He will routinely pay off friend’s debts in exchange for just a trinket and a handshake.

One is often unsure how a merchant can make any money when he spends it as freely as Gavin. As a result, he is quite popular in this sector of Windbergen.

Ally: Gypsy and anyone else that he has helped out.
Enemy: Not sure. Everyone seems to love him.
Short Term Goal: To get drunk?
Long Term Goal: To get drunk tomorrow?

Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI

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