Gentlemen of Tomfoolery Adventure

Episode - 21
I'm not afraid of no ghost

As Sivas returns to the camp he notices that where a ruined manor house sat during the day, now in the darkness is an almost ghostly mansion.

The entire party now takes notice that with the setting of the sun the manor ruins have been replaced with an almost other planar ghostly mansion.

Borask enters the mind of a squirrel he has befriended with nuts, and urges it to explore the grounds around the house. The reluctant squirrel runs about the outside of the mansion until its alien nature becomes to much for it natural instincts to ignore and it runs off into the Forrest.

The party approaches the ghostly manors servant entrance and Gavin deftly searches for traps before opening the door.

Kadrin notices recent tracks of a group moving through this same entrance, and through complaints of Snake Men, Elder Demons, and now Ghosts, he let’s the party know that the Black Sword half orc they are looking for may have gone through the store room and through the kitchen… with friends.

In the dinning hall Gavin discovers the Red Witch and her friends waiting, he shrinks into the shadows, and the party sends in Borask as a distraction.

After to many minutes of deceptive banter Sivas enters the hall and more transparent negotiations begin.

The party reaches a new arrangement with the Red Witch, that they will get the Crystal Staff from D’Dir and split the loot found in the Neflin Vault. The party agrees to pickup D’Dir’s trail in New Haven, and return to the Red Witch there once they have the staff.

But, first… They spend the next day and night waiting to see if D’Dir does show up with the Staff for the originally scheduled meeting, and when all they catch in their net is Melvin & Paul they call it a night and head to the 7th Son the next day.

We end this episode with Gavin’s 5 in the 7th Son, holding a drink high in honor of Otto (except for Kadrin who just drinks), and Borask in the 7th Son’s cellar searching for…

Episode - 20
Get Heidan, Get to the Ghost Hold

Still in the Sons of Set warehouse which may, or may not be on fire, Gavins 5 continue to look for Heidan whom has been kidnapped.

Borask Thunder Blast a door off it’s hinges and Gavin off his feet (was he wearing shoes?).

A Guardian of Seth has a bound, gagged, hooded Heidan in this storeroom.

The fighting begins, and Seth deserts his chosen guardians, and his guardians dice rolls in whichever plane of hell is responsible for bad rolls.

Heiden is free and they party heads directly out of the city, does not pass GO, does not collect 200 gold pieces.

On the ride south to Mulkateo Sivas receives a warning from Melvin & Paul that the Kings road is rife with Bandits and that they need to be wary.

Sivas insists that Melvin, Paul, and the 6 other members of Melvin’s Magnificent Helpers join the party for a meal as a thank you for the bandit warning and information on how to find the Ghost Hold near Mulkateo.

In the morning the two parties ride their separate ways.

The party finds the Ghost Hold and scours it for signs of recent activity. Finding none they setup camp, while Sivas rides into town to have a drink at the 7th Son.

Heidan has been Kidnapped

On the way to the Ghost Hold near Mulkateo to intercept D’Dir the party stop in Windenbergen… It’s on the way.

Groups that should be avoided by Gavin’s 5:

  • Priest of TYR (Sivas)
  • Jubal Crime Syndicate (Gavin)
  • Black Swords (Party)
  • City of Mecklen (Party)
  • Priests of Eventide (Party)

Sivas & Kadrin standing in the south market, “Where’s Heidan, Borak, and Gavin?”

Gavin, “Here I am with food on a stick!”

Borask has headed off to the Windenbergen Temple to Tyr to get his magic wring (found on a dead Tyr priest) re-charged.

Heiden is off to find items that could help the party, spread the word of Savras, and Gavin 5’s good deeds by way of hafling urchin, maybe perform a ritual binding ceromony on a very odd couple.

Borask returns to the Red Roof Inn to regroup with Kadrin, Sivas, and Gavin… but no Heidan.

But there is a note, "Meet us at the Tuna Saloona if you want to see your friend, and bring the staff, signed SOS.

Gavin, “We should add the Sons of Seth to that list of groups we cant join.”

Gavin being well versed in the layout of the city has visited the Tuna Saloona many of times and can take the party there… Does he owe anybody money there?

Arrival at the Tuna Saloona is uneventful except it seems to be full of Jubal’s men, including a particular ugly Gnome enforcer.

Accusation fly, hand fondle pommels, and in the end Gavin turns over the stolen map happy to be rid of it, and they learn the ugly gnome, “Frogface”, is a friend of Heidan’s and offers to have a particular mouthy urchin lead the party to the Sons of Sets secret meeting place located in the Sprawl.

The party it taken to what looks like a rundown warehouse block and a dispute over payment leaves them wonder which door is the right one… they try all the wrong ones.

At last they bust into the Sons of Seth lair (community recreation center) where Borask proceeds to use his fireball ring to burn the place down and it’s unlucky residence whom were enjoying some down time.

Hold on Heidan they are coming!

Episode 18
Walking Trees & Exploding Notes

Gavin stay’s in Davder Hollow to make sure that the wee folk are prepared for any future Orcish incursions.

The rest of the party gather at Hans Eldar’s tower and prepare to ride out after the 1/2 Orc that carries the crystal staff.

The tracks lead several north of Davder Hollow, to a cave in a ravine. The group huddles down to rest before investigating the cave. After several hours and discussions around who can and can not turn into a spider, Kadrin disappears into the pre-dawn darkness and slips inside the mouth of the cave.

He finds several horse penned in a makeshift corral, and thinking fast he release the horses and make sure they can be heard leaving the cave. Two massive orcs come from the only passage that had any sign of a light source inside and chase after the horses.

Kadrin steps out of the shadows and fires an arrow at “Borkenshiron”, while Borask greets “Corentalon” with the traditional orcish phrase of welcome, “Hail and well met!”

It is this moment that the party realizes Borask grew-up alone.

As Sivas, Heiden, Borask, and Kadrin engage the two orcs in combat a third shows up, and Borask shows everyone that he was not kidding, he can turn into a spider.

As the party continues to battle against the beasts of the Split Jaw clan, Oakburn tugs at the back of Sivas’s mind like an itch he cant scritch, “Release Me”

Sivas finaly relents and is transformed into a 15’ walking tree, and two massive limbs come down on “Borkenshiron” turning him to Orcish paste. Bill and Frank, two Blacksword enforces round the cave passage corner and their jaws hit the ground, and crossbow bolts shoot wide.

Kadrin has retreated to the mouth of the cave to make a stand against the third orc reaver, “Angonstorm”, stabbing him multiple times but the Orc is relentless. Meanwhile Borask and Heiden keep “Corentalon” distracted.

Bill rushes Kadrin drawing sword and shield, while Frank darts at Borask, Heiden… both Blacksword mercenaries witness their orc allies pummeled to death by the murder tree.

It is not long after that Max shows up, and Blacksword Arcanist, and begins to throw force bolts at Kadrin, but once Frank is killed there is no fight left in Bill and Max and the surrender. Oakburn on the verge of finishing off Bill turns instead and wanders off into the forest.

The party questions Bill and Max, only to learn that Double “D” had ridden off much earlier and left instructions for them to settle affairs with the orcs and then reconvene at the Windenbergen Blackswords barracks.

Borask returns after crawling around the cave as a spider and investigating the gear left behind, and that’s how you get spiders in your shoes. He coughs twice and hands Kadrin a box he found.

Kadrin opens the box and finds what looks like payment for the Split Jaw clan, and on further investigation a false bottom is discovered containing a note about the retrieval and delivery of the crystal staff. In 1 week the exchange will be made with D Guépard at Habsburg Manor.

There is some arcane text at the bottom which Heiden volunteers to read, out loud,.. Gather round everyone and as he finishes the last word the notes burst into flames killing Bill, and knocking Borask and Kadrin unconscious.

A moment later another blinding light flashes and when a stunned Heiden and Sivas regain their sense (oh right, he is not a tree anymore, he was able to exert his will over oakburn and regain his form and get back to the party)

Max has disappeared.

Sivas and Heiden load up the party on their horses, and secure them. They load up as much of the rations as they can with plan to send haflings back to get the rest, and head back to Davder Hollow with proof of the Blackswords involvement.

The party gathers in Davder Hollow and while they rest, Susie and Philip are sent to the cave to gather the horses and the rest of the rations. They return with a story of an angry human sorcerer who has burnt all the rations that were remaining. They say that he questioned them about the adventures, their names, where they came from, why are they here, and then set them free as he road off with all of the horses.

The party decides to head to Windenbergen and find them selves at the Red Roof Inn.

Episode 17 - Davder Hollow
Where does one even get a Flesh Golem?

The party is off to visit the haflings of Davder Hollow on its way Windenbergen.

They are greeted by Simon at the old Hollar Hole inn and celebrated by all of their hafling friends, Gavin is their hero.

Simon asks if they are interested in hearing about the old Sage’s quest, and Lynet is sent to get Hans Eldar.

After drinking, potato soup, and Borask goose berries they are ushered into the back room where old sage Hans attempts to impress them with his vast knowledge of the Neflin empire and the lost treasure holds. There is a back and forth negotiation around the split of treasure found on a quest to the crystal caverns to the south under the Eldar Expedition Banner. As Borask negotiates on behalf of the party he misses all of the stink eye Kadrin sends in his direction.

An agreement is reach and Hans retires to his tower while the party does some final drinking before calling it a night.

About 2am there is a call to arms, and our stalwart adventures quickly find themselves defending the hamlet from Split Jaw Orcs. Gavin and Borask pick up the telltale sounds of combat to the north (Hans Eldars Sage Tower) and they take off running to assist. Borask in Panther form is the first to arrive and try to make sense of a Flesh Golem fighting more savage orcs in the middle of what once was an alchemy laboratory. Large holes in the side of the tower and a crumpled Hans Eldar in the corner tells Borask that nothing good has happened here. Gavin arrives, he and Borask make a plan, kill the Orcs… Hans Eldar’s assistant Dibble yells from behind a locked heavy oak door to save her master.

The rest of the party arrives as the last orc dies, and a ½ orc escapes out the back of the tower through a breaching hole.

Sivas and Gavin distract the Flesh Golem, Borask in panther form takes a punishing blow from the golem as he fly past and through the hole in the back wall after the ½ orc. Heidan and Kandran revive Hans Eldar who stops the Flesh Golem’s rampage once he has his wits about him.

Borask chase through the forest after the mounted ½ orc, dodging crossbow bolts. When the chase comes to a stop on a forest road Borask is cut down in two strokes.

Kadrin and Heidan find an unconscious Borask on the road and know sign or the ½ Orc.

Sivas re-opens negotiations with Hans Eldar once he finds out that the sage no longer has the Key to the vault the expedition had planned to breach.

Gavin heads back to the old Hollar Hole to check on his new friends, and get some sleep.

Episode 16
Eventide... Religion or Cult?

Heidan considers past party decisions:
Kadrin is Right

Episode 15 - Thunderstruck
If Leaving Me Is Easy

Kadrin trying to make sense of what is happening:
I Just Can’t Even

Heidan once again off to sift through ages of infoormation:

Borask the new guy… where has he wandered off to?

A wave of thunderous force sweeps through Timur’s Tomb.

The party rushes to find the new guy, Borask the half orc tree hugger.

Sivas left alone out side Timur’s final resting place, the enrgey from the abyssal glyphs pulsates, and whispers from the darkness call, “free me”

A slow grinding noise, another wave of force rolls through the catacombs.


Sivas is thrown against the far wall.

Slimy tencalse spring from the chest cavity of the corpse trying to drag Borask into the water with the other corpses.

Heiden moves in front becoming a Elven shield, as Borask is pulled from danger… And the party realizes something… Larger has been awaken.

Like a well oiled gnomish construct the party assume their natural roles…

Heiden turns the foul corpse risen from the beyond…

Kadrin assumes a defensive stance to cover a hasty retreat with bow and blade…

Borask transforms into an Elk so that Sivas can mount him, and a hastily escape…

Gavin… Gavin? Gavin hides.

In the end the shade demon of J’zzalshrak is beaten back to the abyss…

Borask hides the Eventide artifacts in the tomb and is drawn back to the room of corpse… “We all Float Down here…”

Finally the party joins Gavin outside the tomb entrance.

The party makes a camp away from the Tomb

Kadrin has a bad dream.

Returning to the tomb in the morning they find it is shutdown for repairs as a large contingent of Eventide Cultists and Flowence City Watch block the entrance.

The party, “We have unfinished business inside”

Samandratha, “You have what you have come for Oathbreakers. Timur’s tomb is closedd to you. Return to the Eventide shrine in Flowence and the ritual to cast you out and return the honored spirits of the knights to their resting place to wait for those that are truly worthy.”

If leaving me is easy,
And you know, coming back is harder

Episode 14 - Tomb of Timur
Where's Otto? To soon?

Sivas spends time at the Broken Token Tavern:
and that’s why kobolds call me the Red Demon of Death. True story

Otto cools his heels in an elven jail cell:
Daery Prison Blues

Heidan trys to make some sense of all this:

Otto’s last chance?
A third option

Our bold adventures…
Kadrin the pure of heart dwarf.
Gavin the hafling with a heart of gold.
Heiden the high elf with a dark side.
Sivas, half elf, all pretty words.
Otto… we bid you farewell.

The decision is made, Otto is lost, the party will trust the Order of the Eventide to help break the dead spirits of olds hold on them.

Sivas continues to challenge the party regarding Otto’s true status, is he really gone for good? He challenges the Eventide guide Samandratha on all her religious choices.

Kadrin & Gavin follow a stranger on the path to the Eventide Tomb, that seems to be following the party.

Welcome Borask half-orc harbinger of ill tidings regarding the return of the Eventide… This must be stopped, his quest is to prevent the Order of the Eventide from regaining their previous heroes.

Into the tomb of Timur…

Mosaics of 5 knights of Eventide leading a horde or elves out of a dark forest to crash against the armies of nine powerful lords.

The statue of Timur and a headless dwarf corpse that still spasms, and an attack from the shadows by the dead.

Traps are triggered, corpse and worse are destroyed as the hungry dead seek the life of the adventures.

Crazy zombie Barbarian released from a circle of arcane symbols only to be sent to his final resting place.

Rooms filled with viscous liquid and many corpse.

The doors bars bare a warning in High Elf, “Life eater”

Timur’s sacaphaucus surrounded by abyssal script that calls for the binding of Timur, and many of the Brain Stem shrooms are growing at its base.

After much debate mage hands are used to harvest what is needed.

Episode 13 - On the Road Again
Who's harboring Vampires?

While you were away…

Otto: Sir wheres my horse?

Kadrin: Buying supplies and making friends.

Gavin: Now you see me, now you dont.

Sivas: New Clothes, New Club, old notes.

We pick up with our heroes as they are leaving Windenbergen.


They are met on the road by a trio of Vampire Hunter in the employee of the Windebergen Duke… They destroy the wagon of the strangers that the party was traveling with claiming “jus primae noctis” they throw down a bag of ccoins and ride back the way they came.

In the forest the party encounters Simon and the lost boys (Haflings) who accuse the party of being in league with the Kobolds that ransacked the Haflings village to the north. When the party stops laughing they reassure Simon and the boys they did not steal their winter stores and help them track the kobolds… in a nut shell Sivas leaps off his horse and misty steps in mid air to land among a small hoard of Kobolds, and them unleashes tentacle hell on them.


Simon is shaken, and may have soiled himself, or that just how Forest Haflings smell (except for Gavin).

In Flowrence the City of Elves at the shrine to the Knights of Eventide the party beats around the bush regarding how to get rid of the elf transforming artifacts they may or may not have, just asking for a friend.

Sivas visits the “Broken Token” Tavern and tells elvish ladies outrageous stories… that are all true.

Kadrin tires of the inuendoes and half truths and just blurts out that they have the Eventide Artifacts and said the Oath… Otto attacks one of the priestesses of Eventide… and then the rest of the party… Otto goes to war with the world.


Otto is in Jail.

The rest of the Party needs to find Undead Brain Stems so that the priests can create a potion that will allow them to transfer the spirit of the knights of eventide to another willing host.

Sivas can not put another party together fast enough, so he continues to weigh his options with the current one.

Episode 12 - Protest lost to time
Yslsl... I hardly knew her

In dramatic fashion Sivas marches towards the Yuan-Ti as they perform some mad ritual to a sleeping Sseth, and before they notice him he creates many ribbons of magnet lights in blazing shades of color.

The room goes silent except the for the sound from the fires burning in their brass brazier.

“Greeting and salutations from Ultraloth Arioch of the Seven Darks”

The high priestess hisses at Sivas, “Whom disrupts our prayers to Sseth the ravenous?”

Sivas, “ An agent of Ultraloth Arioch of the Seven Darks, was I not clear? Which priestess of Sseth are you again?”

High Priestess “!@$#%&, I am Sandveeth, High priestess of Sseth lord of shadows, what is your purpose?”

And with a graceful flick of Siva’s hand the Ceramic Rabbit idol next to the High Priestess glides through the air into his half-elf grasp.


The fighting is fast and furious as Gavin’s 5 jump through a portal on the left side of the room…

Each member of the party travels and endless stone passageway, covered in dust, and cobwebs there is no sense of time.

Spiders, and snakes crawl through their minds as though devouring their very sanity. Each feels as though they are being taken apart, cell by cell, and then reassemble.

When the pain stops and each begins to open his eyes they sit in darkness until Gavin cast a light spell. The room is round and of stone with spiral steps leading down. What is the significance of the emblazoned sun carved on the floor and the alien glyphs about its outer edge.

Most begin walking down the steps as though they had drunk to much last night, and Sivas, Kadrin, and Otto look as though something still has an icy grip on their mind.

At the bottom they open iron bound wooden door and look out at a familiar skyline. They are in Wydenbergen, and by the run down building they must be in old town.

Gavin, “Stale bread! This is the accursed Tower of Yslsl, how did we get here?”

Kadrin, “Let get away from here.”

Heidan, “No an inn, The Red Roof, where we can lay low and figure out why there is snow on the ground in summer.”

After several days and sometime spent speaking to the Oracle of Duenob it is decided to head east to the Elvish high city of Flowrence.

Kadrin takes the lead to go out and gather the goods need for a several weeks travel….


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