Gentlemen of Tomfoolery Adventure

Episode 8 - "Now you See Me... You still see me."
Our friend Rigger

Tyr 4th

The heat rolled off the cobblestone street outside the Bakers Guild, and the Mecklen morning air was stifling. The city needed rain the way a thief (rouge) needs lock picking skill.

The boys had spent the better part of the day running all over town, most visited the public bath house, because when rats are following you, it had better be because you are playing a flute.

Kadrin had his own set of rules, because he was a dwarf that liked rules that forced chaotic situations into a reality he could make sense of, and that is why he spent the day sleeping in the party wagon, dreaming about rules.

Gavin talked tough, but he was a pint size mother hen, that felt compelled to watch over the whole party. If there was work to be done you can bet he would forge a note from his doctor… it wouldn’t be a very good note, he never gets the I’s right. On that dusty day he watched over a sleeping Kadrin, just pretending he was drawing a treasure map, while he watched Kadrin sleep… it wasn’t the first time.

Sivas was a book worm, not your everyday nerd with a library card book worm, but the kind of guy that talked in the library, loudly, to himself, or his axe. He liked stories about ogres, and giants, and what they were wearing. Most of his friends are invisible.

Otto wasn’t complicated, when he’s hungry he eats, tired he sleeps, and when he see’s Black Swords he murders everyone. There were no Black Swords at the Tattered Cloak, so he slept like a baby in the corner… A baby with a magic sword and yearning to nurse on the blood of his enemies.

Heidan was not just another restless high elf caught up in some humans misguided attempt at repentance, and of all the religious temples in the kingdom of Cromwell, Rigger had to hide his escape plans in the temple of Tyr. With Savras guidance the plans are recovered and nobody is killing Rigger… today.

Tyr 5th

Several days of prep and planning come together:

  • Get Asquiths Signet Ring from HR
  • Forge Asquiths Family Crest Broche
  • Noble Clothes
  • Guiger Nades
  • Escape Plan

Tyr 6th

On the day of the Asquith gathering of Mecklens dwarven lords Sivas is first of the party to arrive presenting himself as a traveling noble of house Tanelorn, after some pompous noble posturing and the intervention of Lord Brassball, he is escorted to the main dining hall where drinks and musical entertainment is provided.

The rest of the party escorts a wagon of fine Mecklen Ale from the Brewers Guild to the Asquiths Manor, where they unload and store the barrels as directed. Some of the party may be bitter that a certain someone would not hide himself in one of said barrels. The team falls quickly into their predetermined roles after food is provided, and they finally locate a bathroom. There is much unspoken debate about the layout of the manor and the odd location of restrooms.

During a bizarre rendition of Ibriam’s Dream by a Elvin Bardic Slave:

my heart, my heart was aching, aching for Ibriam
but I kept, I kept on dreaming, dreaming bout her ivory towers

and all that i’ve learnt about love is that love is found in Ibriam
and all that i’ve learnt about pain is that pain is not found there

No where, no where is better, better than the city philosophy
so let me, let me fall back into emptiness, and dream of Ibriam

Won’t you, won’t you believe me, take me there
from all that, all that I cling to, just let stay there

As a mesmerized Baron Asquiths is lost in haunting melodic voice of the lether and laced wrapped slave, Sivas stealthily (almost rouge like) uses mage hand to replace the Baron’s family broche with the forgery. Not a single dwarven lord or manservant seems to notice that there is anything else in this world other than the Beautiful Elvish Bard.

Sivas displays an awkward discomfort and excuse himself from the room of lords, to regroup with the rest of the party in Baron Asquith’s library.

After several minutes of searching the manor a secret panel hiding steps leading down to the family vault is discovered. The party funnels in with Sivas in the lead.

Before the party is a mechanical titan on an obsidian pedestal. The room is lit by glowing stones in iron cages about the room, and the stone walls are covered in magnificent tapestries depicting the hunt of various animals, or humanoids. Just past the Bronze & Brass construct are archways leading back to some inner sanctum of the Asquiths. Sivas approaches the obsidian dais and grabbing a hand hold rotates the entire thing left to right, and the construct spins on a perfectly balanced pedestal without a sound. More stairs down are exposed. The next room lit much the same as the one above have walls that are great sculpted reliefs of massive battles, with leaders that must be Asquiths ancestors. The 4 doors in the room appear to be iron bound oak, with sturdy locks, and Gavin is quick to identify the one door that they must enter. After several minutes he looks up at the rest of the party and says, I think I’m just making it worse. He backs away to give Otto some room, and Gavin retreats to the door across the way that is their escape route. Determined to secure their escape, he quickly size up the lock and while humming the 1.2.3. of lock picking the lock on the door provides an audible click. Without a moment to waist Gavin is inside, as Otto smashes the other door, and voice that shakes the rooms says, THIEVES, RUN NOW, MY GUARDS ARE ON THEIR WAY! And Gavin let’s out a shout of triumph as he easily spots the secret door embedded in the wall and locates the release latch with his ocular pat down of the room. The joy is short lived as many Skeleton begin assembling around him each with and Asquith crest glowing on their forehead. As Gavin jumps back out of the room, Otto rushes to block the doorway so that no monster can pass him. Heidan calls on the glory of Savras to burn the unclean bags of bones which are a lie to the living, and part of the group move hastily away from him. Kadrin is quick to step up with Otto and engage the enemies only to find that their combined sword strikes destroy the skeleton, but it also cause them to explode sending bone shrapnel everywhere. Heidan moves to the other room with the chest of drawers that contains the items that the party was sent to recover. Sivas can hear the manor house start to rally above, and he possibly hears an explosion. Using mage hand a 2nd time he rotates the obsidian dais above closed. Gavin, Kadrin, and Otto continue to fight. Heidan heals his comrades. Gavin gets the secret door open and retreats into the sewer/catacombs, yelling to his companions that it is clear.

Heidan with the items the party came for follows Gavin.

As Sivas hears the grinding of gears and the yell of men above, he takes the opportunity to run into the treasure room blasting a chest with eldritch fires and grabs several pouches from inside.

Every one retreats to the Sewer/Catacomb as Kadrin holds the secret door, only letting snap shut once Savris makes it safely back to the party.

Episode 7 "Rats, Rats, Rats... Rats!"
Kadrin gets a brand new Gig!

The morning started with the return of Heidan, and he performed some Savras knowledge dumps based on questions the party had…

Augury about HR:

Blessed be Savras, of wisdom fair,
Yielding his vision of olden man and smiling face,
Light and dark swirl here and there
But no consuming way they trace.

Augury for items, Blue Stone and Scroll:

Blessed be Savras, of wisest lore,
Black and white, 10 gems that glow
An ancient text, a scroll and more,
The brain the brain and Aaron’s face
As darkness comes, a sickened score.

Augury for Asquiths:

Blessed be Savras, of future’s quest,
Black and white, and darkened smoke,
The richened man, the finest desk,
The richened dwarf, a familiar bloke,
Hands are shaking, the place of stone
The Asquiths, the Asquiths!
Their seal, the uneasy vision done.

The party meets with HR and takes the JOB.

With that the group splits…

Heidan, Gavin, and Kadrin head to the Mecklen Prison to spring Rigger. With a healthy spreading of coin, and Kadrin spreading the good word of Savras:

“May Savras reveal all the paths to you and—wait, that’s stupid. Savras guide you along the right path, not give you a bunch of choices that arern’t clear. Because that’s just more confusing, right? Go forth in the knowledge of Savras, whatever that means to you. Okay?”


Sivas & Otto visit the guild district and gain employment with the Brewers Guild & the Bakers Guild. The party reunites later in the evening and head to the Bakers warehouse to rid keep the any rats from advancing from the cellar to the ovens and baking supplies on the main floor.


200+ dead rats later… The Bakers show up and stand amazed and the shear number of dead rats in the basement… and they notice Kadrin smells like Hairshirt Jeremy.


Episode 6 - Blah, Blah, Yellow Lantern, Blah
The Rise of HairShirt Jeremy

It is a new day in Mecklen, the city of a thousand crushed dwarf dreams.

The party gathers for breakfast and discover that it is the time of the month for Heidan, where he spends a day meditating to Savras. While debating if they should find their priest and leave town over smoked sausage balls, and scrambled dragon turtle eggs, a young street dwarf shows up to the table…

In pants that are more patch than pants, a wool shirt to large, and covered in what looks like all the dirt in the Mecklen Dwaren district, Young Oslo says, “Hey misters, are you Gavin’s wandering minstrels?”

Sivas, “We know them.”

Young Oslo, “is you Gavin?”

Sivas, “I know him.”

Holding his hand out, and pointing his thumb at two other dwarven urchins at the tavern door, young Oslo says, “Well me mates have something for him.”

Kadrin tosses a copper to the lad.

Oslo, tosses a folded letter to the table and bolts for the door.

Gavin nimbly acquire the letter, unfolds, and reads…

After several minutes Gavin relays that a long-time acquaintance is asking to meet at the Yellow Tavern around 2:00 pm, and is aware of the trouble he and the party have stepped in starting with “Jubal”, and ending with the events at “The Beast”, there are also hints that there may be way to make it all go away.

Finishing breakfast Sivas looks at the group and bids them “a due” (elvish for I’m Out), and heads out of the tavern, he looks back over his shoulder and let the party know he will see them at the Yellow Lantern for lunch.

Otto stands up from the table and walks out without a word, but he does burp three times, good sausage.


Kadin and Gavin, agree that they should find work for the party, before meeting Gavin’s friend at the Yellow Lantern, and maybe pick up some arrows, and drop off a forgery kit at the wagon.

Kadin, and Gavin who is disguised as a Dwarf, head to the market to purchase arrows from OilBeard’s weapon stall, and then they spend another 3 hours talking about what makes a dwarf look tough… Oh, and where is the Yellow Tavern.


Otto heads to the Temple of Tyr. He basks inside surrounded by Tyr’s glory, and pays a Monk to leave him in peace. After his long introspective around the Black Swords, The Silent rain, and Tyr priest smile a lot.

After several hours Otto leaves the cathedral and heads back towards the Thunderbrew Tavern. As he strolls out of the Mecklen’s government square he spots the barracks of the Black Sword Company. With much restraint he continues to head back in the direction of the City’s main gate, and along the way he runs into Gavin assuring Kadin that he looks tough.


Sivas wanders about the elvish district until he comes to a store front that catches his eye, “The Arcane Knowledge-able Person” in elvish, and below in smaller common print is written “Readables”. Inside an ageless elvish proprietor of historical books, tomes, and scrolls, greets him.

Svensen Silverthorn says, “Andaran atish’an” (Elvish, Enter this place in peace.)

Sivas, “Elen sila lumenn’omentielvo! Manenna sinarë?” (Elvish, a star shines on the hour of our meeting! How are you today?)

Switching to common, Svensen says, “How can I be of service?”

Sivas, “I’m looking for text that cover the folklore of Mecklen and the surrounding areas.”

Svensen directs Sivas to a corner of the shop with bright colored covers and pages, large elvish, and common, text. Perhaps this is something you may like.

The cover text reads, “Goodnight Ithil”

Sivas asks, “I was thinking of something that covers the history of the Eventide Knights”

Svensen, “I do believe I have a scroll somewhere that discusses the four knights of the Eventide. Penned by Arramast Isil the Long Study”

Sivas given the opportunity to quickly scan the scroll, and picks out things like “The Immortal four”, and “Consumption of the host”. After a few moments of haggling he purchases the scroll for 23gp, and gets directions to the Yellow Lantern.


Sivas is first to arrive at the brightly colored tavern, and walks in through the red door past the paper lanterns. Taking a table he orders lunch and scans the other patrons. The lunch crowd is made up of elvish craftsmen, and a lone gnome smoking a pipe that make significant eye contact.

Gavin, Kadrin, and Otto arrive. Otto sits down at the table with Sivas, and watches him eat his rosemary bread, and duck soup. Meanwhile Gavin make eye contact with gnome, and get a slight head nod, so he approaches the table with Kadrin in tow.

Gnome (HR), “Gavin you look much as I remember, and not as careful as I taught you.”

Gavin, “The only thing familiar about you is the attitude.”

HR, “Well it is best that one not leave a trail that others can follow.”

Gavin, “It seems you have been following mine.”

HR, “Only to look out for you.”

Gavin, “Like you looked after my parents, my home? Have you asked me her to hand back the money took from everyone?”

HR, “All in good time, at the moment I do have a proposition that will put coin in your pocket and in a round about way help the greater good. There is a pouch and a scroll case I need acquired from a noble house here in Mecklen.”

Kadrin, “I don’t steal.”

Gavin, “I would I do anything to help you, or put my friends in any kind of danger?”

HR, “You and your friends are already in danger, and it’s been me that has already helped you keep them out of harms way. It was me that warned you about Jubal sending men to Mulketeo to find you, and it’s me that has kept a lid on the events at the beast, and I’ll tell you that has taken a fair bit of coin todo.”

Gavin, “I can’t trust you HR.”

HR, “Only because you think you know me.”

Gavin, “What is the job?”

HR, “Asquiths family vault located in their manor house here in Mecklen. There is a chest of drawers and in the 3rd one down a pouch with 10 blue stones, and a scroll case. You deliver the 10 stones, not 9, not 5, but 10, and the scroll case un-opened. 400gp”

Gavin, “Why do you want them?”

HR, “You ask a lot of questions… I have a patron that requires them, that is all I know, and all you need to know. If your interested I need your answer soon, as we are on a timetable, and this job needs to be completed in 5 days. After that you cant help me, and without my patron’s favor I may not be able to help you or your friends.”

Kadrin, “I don’t steal.”

HR, “Well let me know as soon as your can, there is another party you will want to talk to in order to make a plan.”

Gavin, “I’ll get back to you.”

Kadrin, “Gavin, I don’t steal.”

The party leaves the Yellow Lantern and heads back to the Thunderbrew for dinner and to discuss.

After much talk, and speculation the group decides a night on the town to learn more about the House of Asquiths is in order…

Next morning little has been learned, except that the Asquiths may be dabbling in the the dark arts, according to rumors, Otto will do just about anything for a free breakfast, and Kadrin smells like hair-shirt.

Episode 5 - "Can a Halfling get a Component pouch"
"The Aquatic Rust Beast Incident"

After some debate it was decided to travel the nine days to Mecklen and acquire a component pouch for Gavin, and look into the Black Swords mercenary company.

Nine days of dusty wagon travel, nights sharing stories and song, our heroes really don’t know each other any better than they did when they first left Windenbergen. They arrive at Mecklen, home (former prison) of the dwarves.

Before passing through the city gates, they get a lay of the land, pulse of the city, by stopping at a brothel outside of Mecklen’s walls, “The Lost Ladies”.

Several mugs of ale, and bottle of elvish wine later they agree that they are prepared to head inside Mecklen and find Gavin his component pouch!

They watch as the stream of travelers pass through the city gate heading in and out of Mecklen. The folk walk pass 20 dwarven guards in shiny plate holding a metal staff with a crystal on top, 10 to a side. Occasionally the crystals will start to light up and an overly official type person will instruct several of the city watch to escort a traveler out of the crowd and into a building attached to the gate house, only for the traveler to return to the procession 10- 15 minutes later.

Knowing that component pouch will not buy itself the group spur the horses, and the wagon forward and proceed through the dwarven gates of Mecklen. As expected the crystals on the dwarven staffs begin to light up and Gavins Jolly Fellows are escorted inside for processing. After supplying names, and a small drop of blood they are free to go, with information on boarding their horses, and themselves.

Gavin takes inventory of the items that he has brought from Windenbergen, and decides that in order to raise funds (rogue), to purchase (rogue), the finest of component pouch’s he will need to sell a few items (rogue?), like his trusty crowbar.

Gavin, and Heiden, find a market place in the dwarven district of Mecklen, and proceed to haggle with the locals to get the best return on their investment. Somewhere right now in Mecklen is the finest dressed “fancy lad” thanks to the generosity of Gavin. All the while Otto dreams of the amazing flowers that are coming into bloom at “The Lost Ladies”, and can he get away from his companions before the city gates close for the evening.

(He does not, and oh what could have been.)

Only a fraction of the city is visited, but Gavin is as happy as a halfing eating his 2nd birthday cake, when he is able to finally able to hold the component pouch in his hands. He becomes the all powerful, lovable rogue that the bardic tales speak of.

The party reconnects at the “Thundering Brew Inn” and makes plans to visit the “Aquatic Rust Monster pub” which the have learned is on the west side of the city, in the dwarven district between the Setting, and Twilight watch towers. They speak to several of the cities watch as they find their way to their destination, and are warned that it is not the most reputable of places, and if they do decide to proceed, they will see them soon when they come by to break up the nightly fight.

The archives are unclear on what happened, but through much research I have pieced the following together…

Members of “The Black Swords” were present and belligerent (or celebrating a young dwarves betrothal to his beloved Nadine.")

Sivas was drinking heavily, two mugs at a time (one for him, and the other for his patron?), and ended the evening with a permanent limp

Otto was homesick, missing his brothers, missing “The Lost Ladies”, tired of shopping.

Kadrin would rather be someplace else.

Gavin may have ended the night as a young dwarve betrothed to someone named Nadine.

Heidan did a lot of healing and most of it was not on his companions.

A young Half-Orc, Grimjack", was killed in a scuffle, it would later be found out that he was the son of a Lourance-ion warlord and this event may have contributed to the upcoming war that would take place between Lourance and Cromwell.

These are all speculative notes that I have acquried through hundreds of interviews.

Episode 4 - "The Stone Place"
or, this is why we cant have nice things.

After a brief rest the party notices that Aaron is no longer with them, and it’s quickly decided that they should back track about 10 minutes on the trail to the 7 pillars (Obelisks) of Ibriam.

No Aaron.

He must be heading north towards the “Stone Place”, because he is betraying us, impatient, or as Kadrin points out, “A dumb-ass”.

Kadrin proceeds to stealth track Aaron and a bout 10-15 minutes out on his own he spies the missing villager casually walking by himself, and conversing with himself and at times unseen listeners.

“…In it’s infancy Talos in a jealous rage through an earthquake at Ibriam and destroyed most of the city, further changing in the trade route that almost led to a downfall of Ibriam before it could get even started.

“…Waleak, your blood oranges are exceptionally fresh today, they must be just off the barge from the south.”

As Aaron continues to stroll down the Ibriam causeway, Kadrin falls back to the party and explains that Aaron has lost his mind to swamp fever.

Sivas picks up his pace so that he can catch Aaron and walk beside him, and has he steps up beside Aaron he is acknowledged.

“Young Tanelorn, Greetings and Salutation from the Lord of the Seven Shadows. Your embrace of your fathers fathers path is well received.”

Sivas, “Thank you Lord, to whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?”

Aaron, “It is I, Apocryphon, and my return is awaited at the heart of Ibriam.”

Gavin, runs up beside Aaron/Apocryphon, and very enthusiastically ask where are they headed, how can he be of help, great place you have here, will there be snacks?

Sivas introduces Gavin to Aaron/Apocryphon.

Aaron/Apocryphon, “Young Tanelorn, we don’t need the vermin, only the stone cutters (the chosen), and the faithful.”

As Aaron/Apocryphon, Sivas, and Gavin walk along the Ibriam causeway they approach a one of the cities outer walls, the south gate, that the Taganrog has not been able to destroy or swallow. With in the gap where the gate would have been, a hooded, blue/grey skinned, humanoid stands.


Aaron/Apocryphon says, “We enter Ibriam’s south Kasbah, Kill the vermin!”

Kadrin, Heidan, and Otto, whom had been keeping a safe distance, now begin to sprint towards their comrades.

Sivas, “Lord Apocryphon, these are representatives of the civilized peoples. The resource they will bring to our cause, will go far towards the rebuilding of Ibriam.”

Aaron/Apocryphon says, “Let the faithful pass.”

Episode 3 - "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!"
Why so Hangry?

After a long restless night, Gavin’s Jolly Knights awake mostly refreshed and ready to save Hope. Aaron offers to cook bacon and corn cakes with fresh brewed bitter bean, but the party is adamant they get back on the trail right away.

And so our merry band skips the most important meal of the day.

It is not long before the morning sun, swamp gasses, and insects begin to annoy the group making them all more irritable, to the point that when they come across a secret garden, Sivas Bloodstone breaks the tension with eldritch fire that reveals the carnivorous vegetables for what they are “Taganrog Pinguicula”.


In silent anger Otto Black rushes the nearest petaled monstrosity and shakes his sword in rage, and is quickly engulfed in vines and swallowed. Only his infuriated scowl is exposed above the toothy pod.

Kadrin & Sivas quickly make short work of all the stalk and fronds, leaving little of the party not covered in some sort of plant sap. That is when the buzzing started.

Stirges, why does it have to be Stirges?

The party continues to work its way across the clearing past the fallen herbaceous plants, only to be set on by Stirges drawn by the smell of the sweet nectar that is released when the Taganrog Pinguicula are disturbed by prey.


All though the pest get more than their fair share of blood, the party uses the only pesticides they know, sword and ax, on the little beast and either kill them or drive them away. Sivas eye is drawn to something sparkling in the middle of one of the dead shrubberies, dew or sap catching the morning sun, or something else?

Our heroic groups continues the trek north to the Black Scales proverbial “Stone Place”, and around noon they find the land is starting too rise out of the swamp and there in the middle of the trail are 7 50’ obelisk of green stone with a band of bronze markings still visible.


oh, and 4 dead bodies.

Heidan & Aaron become a little giddy realizing that Gavin and company have stumbled onto the 7 Obelisks of Ibriam which mark the southern road to lost city of Ibriam.

Heidan shares that Ibriam was lost when the Dwarven lord on the council of Ibriam stood with a Demon against Savras & Tyr. The city was supposedly destroyed over 2000 years ago a combined Human & Elvish force, long before the kingdom of Cromwell was established.

Kadrin makes it clear to the party that he was in no way involved, or as is Kadrin’s way, makes all that known with a look, and disinterested grunt.

During the investigation of the 4 black cloaked bodies, it is surmised that they were ambushed here, and were members of a mercenary organization the Brotherhood of Black Sword. Otto Black takes a mallet and after inspecting the face of each mercenary he beats their face to a broken pulp, collecting their common regiment badges.

During this unexplained display of anger shambling skeletons begin to wander around and between the obelisks. It does not take much to destroy these walking lost souls, and it was what came next that is the most disturbing.

  • Was it the Taganrog sun & insects?
  • Maybe the evil that is Ibriam itself is infused in these 50’ markers?
  • Or did they just not start the morning with a hearty breakfast?

It would be years later when they would all acknowledge the events of that afternoon that drove friend against friend, knight against knight.

When it was all said and done they party left those obelisks with a stronger mental focus on the task at hand, and a fellowship forged in blood.

Aaron cried.

Episode 2 - "Lost Hope"

Gavin’s Jolly Knights waken from a well-deserved rest after the rescue of young Jon. The knights are refreshed (mostly) and ready to continue the search for Sefa’s daughter Hope.

A knock at the door brings a letter from Father Myer, a representative of Tyr. It thanks the group for going after the children when no one else would, and fans the flame of resolve to continue the search for Hope. It also bares the request to take along the messenger, the son of a local noble, Aaron.

With an early start Kadrin wastes no time backtracking to pick up the young girls trail, not to mention teaching Aaron some of the finer points of tracking which includes tips like:

  • Tracking is as much about what you can see as what you cant.
  • Don’t let the fighter trample the trail before you have a chance to examine it.
  • Koblod’s are @#$-holes.

A brief break so that Gavin can have 2nd breakfast leads to an interesting conversation with Aaron, and the revelation that if in danger Hope may make her way to Auntie Marta’s a local herbalist, who lives near the Taganrog swamp to the east.

Auntie Marta is helpful in identifying two groups of men had passed by and talked to her. Five pleasant priest stopped by and evangelize the coming of a world change, the transformation of Tyr, to a greater truth. They also were more than happy to take Hope back to her mother. Several hours later Father Myer and pretty boys stopped by in their pressed white uniforms, looking as pure as ever, almost angelic. They seemed very concerned that she had sent Hope off with these other priests, but assured her that Hope would be fine.

After accepting some of Auntie Marta’s cider Kadrin led the Jolly Knights into the Taganrog.

Several hours of bug bites, mud caked boots, and a smell they will never get out of their gear our heroes were attacked by Giant Frogs!

Kadrin was traversing exceptionally soggy ground, holding the end of a rope to guide the rest of the party around the worst of the muck when he is attacked by Giant Frogs that can smell his swamp stink. With one hand holding the rope taunt and his axe in the other he holds his ground, and like all great thing that come in small packages Gavin tight rope runs double flips off and plunges his blades into the amphibians waxy skin, to which the great beast croaks and dies, or as Gavin would tell it later, he pulled a double croaker.

Gavins Jolly Knights make short work of the other two wary beasts.

As the sun climbs past mid-day in the Taganrog and the Jolly Knights look less Jolly as the heat, smell, and bugs only seem to get worse. Kadrin is the first to notice that Aaron is not as bothered by the insects as the rest of them. He shares that he has been applying Auntie Marta’s Swamp Ointment every couple of hours. Otto Black volunteers to share the ointment, and asks if anyone else would like to partake… Kadrin, and Sivas decline.

Several more hours of slogging through the Taganrog, and Kadrin leads the party into a partial clearing where Lizard folk are spotted on the other side entering at the same time. Weapons are unsheathed, and sheathed as both sides gauge the temperament of the others. After a few minutes Heidan offers up a Battle Horn purchased in Windbergen, and Otto yells, “TRADE?!?” using the universal translation provided by shouting.

Ssslevin the leader of this patrol, hisses, “Yesss, trade with pinkies.” He offers a necklace of teeth of some swamp beast, pulled from around his own neck.

Heidan thanks the man-lizard.

Heidan , and Otto ask if the group has seen any men, “Pinkies” traveling with a small “Pinkie” and points at Gavin.

Ssslevin says, “Pinkie’s in Black with small Pinkie head to Stone Place”, and he points in the direction that Kadrin determines is north.

Otto draws the shiny longsword purchased from the dwarven forges (a shiver runs up Sivas spine) of Mecklen, and whispers, “trade?”

Ssslevin and the other members of the patrol bring forward a half dozen gourds of a noxious syrupy substance.

Otto shakes his head, no, and says, “take us to the Stone Place”

Ssslevin and the other lizard folk all say, “Bad, no go to Stone Place pinkies”

Otto says, “Map”

Ssslevin draws a crude map in the dirt, and Kadrin studies it closely, and points at several feature, or landmarks, asking what are these.

After each time that Kadrin points at something, Ssslevin and the others say, “Bad”

Kadrin asks, “How long to Stone Place?”

Ssslevin hold his scaly arms up in the air forming a pie shape as an indicator of an amount of time, or distance the sun must travel.

The two start to head their own way with Gavin and the Jolly Knights selecting a path heading north.

Ssslevin hisses one last time as the two groups part, “Black Scale friendssss” (The fourth “s” indicates he meant it).

The Knights continue to track another group headed north that brings them to a large lake of standing water.

Kadrin is carefully picks his way through the muddy shore, working his way around the lake, and holding the rope so that the rest of the group can safely cross behind him.

Just as Kadrin pauses to catch his breath, 3 tentacles snake out of the water and slam into him, one of which wraps him up, pinning his arms to his side.

Gavin with no fear shows the courage of his people, and runs out across the rope, leaping off with blades drawn, only to have a tentacle welcome him into it’s slimy embrace.

Sivas pulls eldritch energy from a dark plane, and arched it out across the shoreline over the tentacles and Gavin, top no effect, and Gavin’s relief.

Kadrin escaped one tentacle only to be grabbed by a second one, Gavin follows suit, slipping through a tentacles grip to be grabbed by another one.

Sivas calls down a dark attack of energy and sustains it until his companions are released, and the tentacles have withdrawn. The party makes it to the opposite side of the lakes shore, what is assumed is safety, and watch as the waters churn indicating a great beast in it death throws, or a regroup for a second attack.

The party races into the swamp continuing north before anything else can go wrong.

Episode 1 - "The Seventh Son"

Gavin’s Jolly Men come to Sefa Aneria aid and offer their services to find her lost children.

The search begins around 21 bells at the Aneria’s farm. Kadrin Roreksson and Otto Black quickly pick up the children’s tracks near the family barn, and our party of heroes heads due west across open ground, across small creeks, and through small corpse of trees.

In an open meadow the children’s tracks take on a playful bent as if they were playing tag. Although the group spots the body of a mutilated cow, and the once peaceful meadow becomes eerily silent, except for low growls coming from the tree line to the north and east.

A quick encounter with 5 wolves ends with twitching claw, and silent tooth. Although their victory is complete, and with out a scratch, and words of congratulation are forgotten with the brief appearance of a great white wolf.

The children’s track are quickly found, but disturbingly separate, and one set disappears completely as though snatched by a large group of bare footed demi-humans headed west.

Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI rallies the band of jolly fellows, and presses them to the west to save the pilfered child. The trek comes to an abrupt halt as they come an inky tear in the side of a hill, and the tracks lead inside.

Kadrin Roreksson moves inside the cave with a calm and silence of the dead, only to find the tracks lead to the edge of a recently created sink hole. With little time to waist the group repels 60’ down the near side, and begins a sloping hour long trek down what appears to be an eternity of darkness.

A small breach in the cavern wall appears to be the perfect safe haven for a small child, so Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI shoots the 2 1/2 foot wide gap into much larger cavern choked with webs and several giant spiders. Kadrin Roreksson is quick to step in behind Gavin, and they go to work de-legging the Arachnids.

A brave Gavin is saved from certain death by Heidan the Flop and Otto Black, while a sure strike from Sivas Bloodstone staff brings the encounter to a close.

Spider eggs are destroyed and Kadrin Roreksson recovers OakBurn from an ancient victim of the 8 legged fiends. Otto Black is quick with the torch to put the whole cavern up in flames so that no future traveler will need worry about the cold bite, or sticky embrace of this spider nest.

After a quick rest, the group heads even further into the bowels of earth and come across a collapsed wall that creates an opening into a tomb.

Kadrin Roreksson moves in quickly looking for the child, only to find 4 neanderthal looking beast men trying to understand why the mystic properties of damaged portal, stone arch, are no longer functioning. Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI the swift makes short work of them as he dance in between his brothers with sword and dagger.

Sivas Bloodstone harness’s the dark powers of his patron to hold back an ape man counter attack from the opposite direction. The group throws back the blind half men, and secure the freedom of the lost boy.,

Discovering they are in the lost tomb of the Eventide Knights, Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI, Heidan the Flop, Kadrin Roreksson, and Otto Black Speak the words, say the oath and pick up the mantles of the Eventide Knights and all that it means.

Sivas Bloodstone is left wonder if he is the only fellowship member to have a pact with an entity on the other side.

The boy is returned to Sefa Aneria and the group runs into Father Myers and his White Cloaks at the Seventh Son. After a differing of who should go after the lost daughter of Sefa Aneria, our heroes rest and prepare for what is to come.

Episode 0 - PILOT
A Gathering of Friends

Before you knew them as the Defenders of Cromwell, the Portent of Truth, or Companions of the Crown, they were just friends. I am the humble chronicler of their journeys.

The Red Cloak Tavern of Windbergen:
Like most evenings Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI can be found singing, drinking, and spouting the spiritual gifts of foreknowledge granted to Heidan the Flop by his god Savras. The veils of the future are parted many times for business ventures, matters of love, and some darker intentions.

Sivas Bloodstone concludes a clandestine meeting and is left will a feeling of dread learning that his visit to Windbergen has come to an abrupt end, and decides he must quickly make plans to leave.

Otto Black has once again found himself out of work, and losing at cards.

Kadrin Roreksson the silent dwarf has come looking for work in hopes to make some fast coin and be away from the noise that is civilization.

Kadrin Roreksson discreetly approached Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI , “Tobias Greenfields told me if I ever was in need of work that you would probably be able to make use of my skills with blade and bow.”

Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI (Having no idea who Tobias Greenjeans is) “Of course old Tobias, I have just the job for a forest walker like yourself.” And having kept an eye on who was in the Red Cloak tonight, use little to no discretion in announcing a trip south, lost tomb, and what do you make of this map?


Sivas Bloodstone although brooding in silence with his drink, makes several mental notes regarding the loud hafling whom he has dealt with in the past, and decides that he will gather his things and then return to offer his services, as south is exactly the direction he needs to go.

CRASH, and conversation in the tavern comes to a brief halt as everyone watches two men scramble around a flipped table picking up money and cards, Otto Black has lost the last of the coin he is willing to risk tonight, and its now time to approach Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI for work.

Heidan the Flop , Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI , and Kadrin Roreksson all poor over the map of questionable origin, which the priest is quick to point out describes [gavin].

“Gavin!, put my blade to work.”, Otto Black challenges as he approaches the group huddled around the map.

Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI , “Welcome Otto Black, to our Jolly Band, there is much work here for you, if you will travel south with us.”

Heidan the Flop , “By Lord Savras, we are one short, well, not a full one, more like half.”

Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI ,”I know just the half-elf, Sivas Bloodstone!”

Sivas Bloodstone, uncomfortable with the attention that is being directed at him, moves even quicker towards the Red Cloaks front door.

Otto Black, “Well if he’s the one, SIVAS!”, and like a man eager to be done with a job he rushes out the door after Sivas Bloodstone.

Sivas Bloodstone is quick to turn around, and confront Otto Black in a low whisper, “Friend, your voice carries to every alley in Windbergen. I will travel south with your group once I have collected my things.”

Otto Black, yelling back at the closing tavern door, “HE’S IN!”, and then back to Sivas Bloodstone, “Well meet you in one rotation, at the Golden Mare stables, near the South Gate.”

And so Gavin’s Jolly Band was formed on the 3rd night of Lathander the year 1203.

For the next six days the Jolly Band moves south towards the small hamlet of Mulketao where they hope to discover the half-moon path that leads to the hidden tomb.

The ever cautious Kadrin continues to back track each day while foraging to make sure that no unexpected company is following the heroes.

Each night the group learns more about each other as they cover many different topics like the division of loot that will un-doubtably be found.

As the weather turns nasty they find themselves outside the Seventh Son Inn.

The hamlet of Milketao is made up of two buildings surrounded by farm lands, with hills to the west, and a marsh to the east. The road continues on towards the south for several days before it reaches the coast.

Heidan, “By Lord Savras, I see myself boarding the horses and meeting you inside.”

Kadrin, “Everyone follow me and be quite, I know the barkeep, we should be able to get food, drink, and a bed. Maybe some answers on the Half-Moon path.”

And once inside our group quickly takes in a warm and vibrant inn, alive with farmers talking about the events of the day, and a fire in hearth to keep the chill of the spring rain out of the room. An albino Elf plays the lute next to the hearth a haunting melody, although beautiful, it complements the storm building outside. The middle aged woman runs from table to table dropping of drinks and platters of food while slapping hands and threating the owners with stories she could share with their wives.

“I KNOW YOU!”, shouts the good looking human barkeep with a voice that was made for singing bawdy tavern songs.

The Jolly band hesitate for a moment as the din of the inn comes to a halt, and there is one tense moment as our look from one another as if a light of truth has revealed the secret of each. Then with a laugh from John Norton the barkeep the spell is broken and the inn goes back about its business.

Kadrin, “Oh yah, he does that.”

Gavin, with a smile marches up to the bar and climbs on a stool, “A beer for me and my sour dwarf friend Mr. barkeep!”

Otto Black, grab the barmaid as she passes and spins her around whispering in her ear.

“It will be only food and drink available to you tonight”, says a mildly offended Audre

Sivas, leans in between the couple, “An ale and sandwich for me, and my socially challenged friend.”


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