I’m Terrance the chronicler of my lords adventures, the Heroes of Cromwell, or Gavin’s 5.

Gavin Gwynith Goodbarrel VI Lord of the West, the tentative leader of our heroes. He is quick of wit, and fast to offer the group services for a worthy cause. If he is present in the tavern then the drinks are on him, although he may be paying with your coin. Call him rogue, but never thief, if you wish to leave with your pride intact. It is not uncommon for him to walk the back streets Luback & Lubeck as a generous dwarf bringing relief to the poor and needy.

Kadrin Roreksson Lord of the South, it’s not that he is quick to anger, it’s just your a person, and he doesn’t necessarily like people. During his time with Gavin and “Friends” it is easy to see why Lord Kadrin is the proverbial Square Dwarf in a Round Mine. He is nothing if not true to his convictions, and although raised to see all things as either right or wrong, his time with the group has brought a certain measure of comfort in the gray areas. Some have speculated that it was his conscious that saved Melvin the Merciless when the lords first met Melvin in their younger days.

Heidan the Flop

Sivas Bloodstone

Otto Black

Season #1 Road to Legend

Episode – 0 “A Gathering of Friends” (PILOT)

Episode – 1 “The Seventh Son”

Episode – 2 “Lost Hope”

Episode 3 – “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

Episode 4 – “The Stone Place”

Episode 5 – “Can a Halfling get a Component pouch”

Episode 6 – Blah, Blah, Yellow Lantern, Blah

Episode 7 Rats, Rats, Rats

Episode 8 – Now you See Me You still see me

Episode 9 – What is that Smell

Episode 10 – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Episode 11 – Snakes why did it have to be snakes

Gentlemen of Tomfoolery Adventure

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